Scott Matetich provides project management oversight, and is responsible for monitoring the workloads and overall quality control of the firm and its five employees. Scott also performs as Senior Right of Way Agent by maintaining a consistent work load of acquisitions and other special projects. Scott has successfully managed projects involving risk and alternatives analysis, title review, surplus property dispositions and construction monitoring. Scott has authored Property Acquisition and Relocation Plans, Project Funding Estimates, Excess Real Property Plans, Surplus Property Declarations, and many other special projects, such as Property Management. Scott has built a reputation of successfully delivering right of way projects through organizational excellence, personalized hard work, and integrity.

David Conner has experience in right-of-way acquisition and relocation projects as well as significant experience in negotiating commercial leases for federal government agencies. He  provides project management and training oversight to its five employees. He commands a thorough knowledge of 49 CFR Part 24, the Uniform Act, which guides federally funded Right of Way projects, and has significant experience in leasing and tenant improvement build outs for the General Services Administration under Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), for federal lease projects. His experience crosses numerous leading public agencies in the Puget Sound area including Sound Transit Link Light Rail, WSDOT, King County, Pierce County, GSA, and several local municipalities. 

Mark brings a wealth of experience to the Right of Way field utilizing his background of 30 years in real estate, across a vast array of disiplines. For the past ten years, Mark has honed his skills as a Senior Right of Way Agent successfully delivering property acquisitions for public infrastructure projects throughout western Washington developing a positive reputation with industry leaders. During his tenure in Right of Way, he has accrued tremendous experience in eminent domain transactions, title clearance, voluntary purchases, value estimations, property studies, and more.

Maya is highly motivated and is proficient in the real estate industry. Her experience includes acquisitions and negotiations for a wide range ownership entities, document preparation, title review, real estate sales and owner assistance. She is detail-oriented and client service driven. Maya has developed an understanding and knowledge of 49 CFR Part 24, the Uniform Act, which guides federally funded Right of Way projects. She has negotiated and acquired numerous easements, fee acquisitions, temporary construction easements, rights of entry and has successfully provided relocation assistance for residential owner-occupants and tenants. Maya takes great pride in delivering her assignment on schedule and strives for excellence in her work.

Heather is a spirited and competent professional with experience in providing management, supervision, and programs planning. As a Right of Way Technician, she is responsible for conducting property research, preparing cost estimates, preparing document packages, managing right of way files, and providing support for her team. Heather has excellent oral and written communication skills with the ability to engage and communicate with a diverse set of people and organizations. Based on her record and communications, Heather has a proven ability to connect stakeholders in improving and creating new initiatives.