LaBonde Land, Inc. was incorporated in January, 1992.  The owners of LaBonde have been performing real estate consulting services for over twenty years and have very successfully managed several multi-million dollar contracts and portfolios.

We believe providing top-notch service requires knowledge of the local real estate markets to be effective. LaBonde is able to provide that service because of our first-hand experience and involvement with the communities in which we provide service.

All of LaBonde’s owners and employees are licensed real estate brokers and right-of-way professionals, experienced in leasing, property acquisition, tenant relocation and other right-of-way services, feasibility studies, budgeting, planning and due diligence. We are accustomed to working with clients in real estate markets throughout the United States. Our list of clients include Sound Transit, General Services Administration, King County, State of Washington, Pierce County, City of Redmond, NISH, Veterans Administration, and United States Postal Service, among others.

Scott Matetich is President of LaBonde Land, Inc. and negotiates its contracts, provides oversight of projects, and is responsible for monitoring agent workloads and overall quality control. Scott has built a reputation of successfully delivering right of way projects through organizational excellence, personalized hard work, and integrity. His foundation is in delivering publicly funded ROW projects in compliance with 49 CFR Part 24 – The Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Act of 1970, as amended – and has significant additional experience in leasing and tenant improvement build outs for the General Services Administration under Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Scott has authored Property Acquisition and Relocation Plans, Project Funding Estimates, Excess Real Property Plans, Surplus Property Declarations, and many other special projects, such as Property Management.

David Conner is Vice-President and Treasurer of LaBonde Land, Inc. and is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the monthly accounting of the firm. David commands a thorough knowledge of 49 CFR Part 24, the Uniform Act, which guides federally funded Right of Way projects, as well as the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), for federal lease projects. His experience crosses numerous leading public agencies in the Puget Sound area including Sound Transit Link Light Rail, WSDOT, King County, Pierce County, GSA, and several local municipalities. David has negotiated hundreds of easements, fee acquisitions, temporary construction easements, rights of entry and other agreements and has successfully provided relocation services for complex commercial businesses, residential owner-occupants, tenants, and owners of personal property. David takes great pride in delivering projects through his dedicated and detailed approach to problem solving.